The Catford Cycling Club declares and states that:

  1. The Hell of the Ashdown Challenge is not a race and is non-competitive, it is a bike ride organised for the personal satisfaction of the individual cyclist who, after successfully completing the route, receives a Certificate of Achievement.
  2. After starting the ride the cyclist is on a private excursion on the public highway and we accept no responsibility for his or her conduct or any accident or injury that the cyclist may encounter or sustain during the ride.
  3. Whilst providing assistance and guidance, it is the cyclist’s personal responsibility to follow the route indicated.
  4. Whilst we may dispense drinks during the ride we have no obligation to do so.
  5. We accept no responsibility for cycles, clothing or equipment left unattended in the event H.Q, feed stations or its environs.
  6. The cyclist should have his/her own personal accident and third party insurance.
  7. We strongly recommend that the cyclist wears a hard shelled helmet.
  8. The cyclist should wear adequate clothing and be suitably equipped to counter adverse weather conditions.
  9. The cyclist must be self sufficient and in particular be competent and equipped to deal with mechanical failure and punctures.
  10. The rider agrees to accept direction as indicated by route marshals
  11. NB! NO rider should leave his personal rubbish or clothing on residents property, failure to do this may result in the event being cancelled and the rider(s) in question being banned from riding this or any other future event. NO rider shall park in an inconsiderate manner, extra parkings marshals will be deployed to control parking on the roads in the vicinity of the Event HQ (Charles Darwin School) to ensure that disruption and inconvenience to local residents is kept to an absolute minimum, any rider who ignores the marshals instructions regarding parking will be disqualified and not allowed to start the event. Please car share where possible and if not park well away from the Event HQ if you cannot get into one of the allocated parking spaces. Please avoid leaving ANY rubbish and articles of clothing including cycle helmets on the streets or houses etc surrounding the Event HQ and especiallyon the walls of ANY local properties.
  12. Refunds or part refunds for entries in the Hell of the Ashdown will not be issued under any circumstances. The reason for this is that the organisers of the event (CatfordCC) have to commit to a vast array of expenditure prior to the event and are committed to these prior and on the day of the event regardless of if it runs due to bad weather, road works, etc. Under exceptional circumstances we will allow you to have another rider take your place, but this must be with the express permission of the organiser and the full replacement riders details must be submitted his no later that 21 days before the event is run. No entries are transferrable outside of the year of entry. E&OE.

The Cyclist Entrant named on the Entry Form declares he/she:

  1. Is Over 16 and, if under 19, has the written consent of his/her Parent or Guardian to participate.
  2. Is suffering from no illness, disease, or injury that could prevent them from completing the route.
  3. Acknowledges that this is a hilly and arduous route which they are confident they have the ability to complete.
  4. Is an experienced and competent cyclist accustomed to riding safely in the company of others.
  5. Will adhere to the Laws of the Land and observe the Highway Code, with special consideration to horses and their riders when passing.
  6. Where possible: keep to the left; not ride more than two abreast; stop at junctions; be careful when crossing main roads; exercise caution when descending steep hills.
  7. Will obey the instructions of any and all the event’s officials. Agreement

In clicking the button beside 'I have read & understood the conditions of participation and accept them' on the entry form, the Entrant has agreed to abide by the terms and conditions detailed above and is therefore permitted to participate.